Book Review: Shane Dawson It Gets Worse

As summer draws to an end, I’d like to introduce you to one of my favorite books of the summer. The book is Shane Dawson’s “It Gets Worse.”

Shane dawson it gets worseihatemyselfie

This is Shane’s second book. His first book “I Hate Myselfie” did very well when released and achieved:New York Times Bestseller,  Publishers Weekly Bestseller , Los Angeles Times Bestseller , Wall Street Journal Bestseller. Just to name a few.

I know you’re all thinking, “this book is for teenagers and not for adults.” Well think again. Shane Dawson is a huge Youtuber with over 7 million followers on one of his channels. That’s more people then I can even comprehend. Shane’s humor is on the adult side of things. So if you don’t like inappropriate/Rated R language  then this might not be the book for you.

Enough with the author, this book is hilariously funny. So funny I felt that the stories may have been made up because I couldn’t stop laughing. If you’re looking to that chapter just open the book. Shane puts his life experiences out there and adds a humorous twist to them despite how rough they were to live through. There are a few heartfelt chapters that give this person some depth so you realize he’s not totally crazy. My personal favorite is “Chub Rub.” I’m sure you can grasp the humor even by the name.

Overall I loved this book. It’s a great book by a youtuber that shows that they have more talent than making videos. Below I have linked Shane’s youtube channels and you guys let me know what biographies that you’ve read that you’ve enjoyed!


Link to Shanes Youtube Channels:


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